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    Aug 27, Girl Dog Names Beginning With Q-R

    Girl Dog Names Beginning with Q-R  |Last Updated: 08-26-2-21

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    A female dog is sitting on a beach overlooking the ocean.Girl Dog Names Beginning with Q-R

    Girl Dog Names Beginning with Q-R

    Girl Dog Names Beginning with Q-R are divided into several sections.  You’ll find the Girl names for Q and R first, then a section of great names based on Foods and Drinks, followed by names from a nature theme.

    For those who enjoy naming their four-legged child after a celebrity, I won’t disappoint.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to see who we found.

    Cute little girl is dressed and facing the camera

    Q Dog Names for Girls

    Feminine names that begin with Q are far rarer than most of the others that begin with other letters of the alphabet.  For English speaking dog lovers, some of these names do not roll of the tongue as easy as Buddy or Sam.  

    For someone looking for something different, though you can’t go wrong

    Qamra – Arabic moon

    Quake – Short for Earthquake

    Quanda – American – beloved companion

    Quantina – American – courageous queen

    Quartilla (Latin) fourth child

    Quebec – City in Canada

    Queen – Ruler

    Queen Bee – Top Dog

    Queenie – Queen

    Questa – Latin – one who searches

    Quigley – Irish fore one who has messy hair;  usually considered a boy name.

    Quilla – Incan and English;  In mythology, goddess of the moon.

    Quincy – Irish for fifth

    Quinby – Scandinavian – From the Queen’s estate

    Quinella – Latin form of of Quintana

    Quinn – German, English) Queen

    R Dog Names for Girls

    Rachel – Hebrew – Innocent lamb

    Rada – Rose or Joy

    Radar – A boy or girl dog name for a dog with excellent hearing

    Radia – Happy or Pleased

    Rae – Hebrew, short for Rachel; also Raea meaning Lamb

    Rafa – A tender hearted girl

    Ragdoll – Great for a dog that loves to cuddle

    Raggedy Ann – Redheaded dog

    Rainbow – A girl with a colorful coat

    Raina – Peaceful, Queen; Strong

    Rainy – A variation from Rain meaning abundant blessings from above

    Raisin- Perfect for a little black or brown colored puppy

    Rali – a Spirited one

    Ramona – Fighter and Guardian, good for a little watch dog

    Ramsi – Variant of Ramsey, Ram’s Island

    Rana – Beautiful looking woman

    Randee – One who is safe and protected

    Randii – A beautiful goddess

    Rapunzel – Great name for a long haired dog breed

    Rayella – American frm of Rayln

    Rayna -Hebrew – one who is pure

    Raz, Razi – Hebrew – secret

    Razzle (Dazzle) means confusion

    Reanna – Irish – the great and sacred queen

    Reba – Hebrew – form of Rebecca

    Rebecca – Hebrew – one who is bound to God

    Reed – English – Red haired lady

    Regan – Gaelic – Born into Royalty

    Reggie – English form of Regina

    Regina – Latin meaning Queen

    Reiko – Japanese – one who is thankful

    Remy – French – from the town of Rheims

    Ren – Japanese – resembling a water lily

    Rena – Maiden

    Rene or Reneé- French – Reborn

    Renny (Ren) Japanese for water lily

    Reno – from the City in Nevada

    Reta –  A Pearl

    Retta – Short for Margarita 

    Reya – Spanish – a queenly woman

    Rhea – Greek – flowing stream

    Rheda – Anglo Saxon – a divine woman

    Rhode – In Greek mythology, the oldest daughter of Oceanus and Helios

    Rhonda – Rose

    Ria – Spanish – From the river’s mouth

    Rica – English – Form of Frederica meaning peaceful ruler

    Ricki – American form of Erika

    Rida – Arabic – One who is favored by God

    Rika – Swedish for ruler

    Riley – Gaelic – a courageous woman

    Rima – Arabic – Resembling the white antelope

    Rin – Japanese – a pleasant companion

    Ripley – a dog with a lot of surprises

    Rita – Spanish – form of Margarita meaning resembling a pearl

    Riva -Hebrew and French – Form of Rebecca

    Roberta Feminine form of Robert; one who is bright with fame

    Robyn – English form of Roberta

    Rochel – Hebrew and French form of Rochelle

    Rocket – Good name for a fast little girl

    Rockette – Dog that likes to dance

    Roja – Spanish – Red headed girl

    Rolanda – Old German, Famed Land

    Roma – Italian – from Rome

    Romhilda – German a glorious battle girl

    Romney – Welsh – winding river

    Ronda – Night patrol; night watcher

    Ronee or Ronie or Roni – Short for Veronica

    Rong – Chinese – A glorious woman

    Rookie – Someone new

    Rory – Gaelic – Red Queen

    Rosa – Rose

    Rosalie – Italian – Of the Rose Garden

    Rosalyn – Graceful Rose

    Roseanna – Graceful Rose

    Rose – Greek – Resembling the flower

    Rowan – Gaelic – of the red berry tree

    Rowdy – American – a spirited girl

    Rowena – Welsh and German – one who is slender

    Roxanne – Persian – Born with the morning’s first light

    Roxie, Roxy – Persian form of Roxann

    Roza – Slavic form of Rosa

    Rubi – French  form of Ruby

    Rue – Greek – from the medicinal herb

    Runa – Scandinavian – Feminine form of Rune

    Rusty – American – a red haired girl

    Ruth or Ruthie – Hebrew – a trusted companion

    Rylee – Irish;  form of Riley

    Nature Inspired Girl Dog Names Beginning with Q – R

    From animal and plant names to precious stones, dog names inspired by nature are very popular.  If you don’t see what you like on this list, check out our extensive nature inspired dog names for more ideas.

    An American robin is perched on a tree of red berries.An American Robin

    Quasar (a celestial object emitting large amounts of energy) 

    Raven – Good for a black dog

    Ravenna – Also a large black bird, good for a black dog

    Rigel (the brightest star in the constellation Orion)







    Girl Dog Names Beginning with Q-R Based on Food and Drinks

    Any food loving dog would love a dog name based on food.  Do you know any dogs that love food?  Or should I say, have you ever met any dog that didn’t love food?  Here’s a few to get your creative juices flowing.

    A plate of Mexican Quesadillas; Quesadilla is suggested as a dog name beginning with the letter QQuesidilla



    Radish – Good for a red dog














    Girl Dog Names Beginning with Q-R based on Celebrities

    Rachel – Rachel McAdams – Actress

    Rachel – Rachel Hannah Weisz – Actress

    Rachelle –  Rachelle Lefevre -Actress

    Rashida – Rashida Jones – Actres

    Raven – Raven-Symoné – Actress

    Rebecca – Rebecca De Mornay – Actress

    Rebecca – Rebecca Romijn – Actress

    Reese – Reese Witherspoon – Actress

    Regina – Regina Hall – Actress

    Regina – Regina King – Actress

    Rebel –  Rebel Wilson – Actress

    Renée – Renée Zellweger – Actress

    Renee – Renee Olstead – Actress

    Rihanna – Actress

    Rita –  Rita Ora – Actress

    Robin – Robin Tunney – Actress

    Rooney – Rooney Mara – Actress

    Rosamund – Rosamund Pike – Actress

    Rosario – Rosario Dawson – Actress

    Rose – Rose McGowan – Actress

    Rose – Rose Byrne – Actress

    Ruby –  Ruby Rose – Actress

    Rutina – Rutina Wesley – Actress

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