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    Nov 13, 5 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Dog Poop

    Get Rid Of Dog Poop     |Read Time: 5 min

    by Shawn Halligan  |Published 11-09-2021

    “Dog’s poop”. We all knew this might not be glamorous among the various topics but believe it, there is a lot to consider when things come to this point.

    As a responsible owner of your dog, you must have to be ready enough to clean up after your dog. Have you ever observed that everyone appreciates when you do that? This act of removing your dog’s poop from the patches of grass or from the dog parks makes your community a nicer place to live.

    A lady is disposing of dog poop in a designated receptical.

    For those who always pick up their dog’s poop, thank you! You have gone a long way to protect public health while keeping parks and paths clean.

    But once you have scooped up your dog’s poop, sometimes you may wonder what to do next with that poop. This is the thing we hear a lot from the dog owners. Luckily, we help them to clear things up with an eco-friendly pet waste process.

    Why You Should Consider Cleaning Your Dog Poop Properly? 

    The reasons are many and the thing is that, even if your dog does not show symptoms of being sick, their poop can carry several diseases that can harm other animals.

    When the waste of your dog is not being cleaned properly, it may cause things that can affect your surroundings. It will pollute the surface and river water.

    In many cases, this situation becomes worse when it attracts flies and pests, creating an unhygienic environment for other dogs. This can transmit parasites and other diseases back to humans too.

    Small dog is defecating in yard

    Most of the time people think that dog waste can be used as a fertilizer. Are you one of them? Then think again!

    Dog’s diets have high protein percentages and are exceptionally high in nitrogen as well as phosphorus. These chemicals make your dog poop act opposite to fertilizers, and if you let your dog’s waste remain in the grass, it can cause burns and patches in your lawn.

    Your dog’s poop is so acidic that it will kill your grass if not picked up.  

    Remember that getting rid of your dog’s poop isn’t just common courtesy, it’s also safer for you, your pet, and your community. But don’t worry, here are some helpful tips to easily get rid of your dog’s poop.

    5 Ways to Get Rid of Dog Poop

    1. Use Dog Poop Bags 

    Get rid of dog poop by using a dog poop bag.

    Before going out on an adventure with your dog, make sure you are ready with your equipment for the task ahead. And, the most important thing is poop bags, as without them you might find yourself in a sticky situation.

    These bags are easy to carry when you are around with your dog. Moreover, these bags are designed to use with any poop size, as they are robust and match the strength of other plastic bags. So, try these bags out to deal with the dog’s waste and for the same purpose carry at least two of them. 

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    2. Use Dog Poop For Worm Farming

    Earth worm on pile of dirtWorm Farming is just one more method to use if you need to get rid of dog poop.

    This is not a common practice but is still a great and eco-friendly way to get rid of your dog’s poop. Believe it, worms can eat things that we don’t want to.

    The waste they eat includes potato peelings, rotten food and fruits, and yes, of course, animal waste. Worms eat this waste and eliminate the odors. Good to hear, right?

    So next time mix it with the right quality of the soil. And remember, if you are living in a country where winter freezes, you have to do worm farming on a seasonal basis.   

    3. Installing Doggy Septic Tank

    Check current pricing on Amazon

    Next on our list, another method to deal with dog poop frequently is to install a doggy septic tank in your garden or farm. You just have to dig a deep hole of about 4-5 feet, so that the system can be fitted into that hole and the waste can be flushed to ground level.

    After the system is installed you just have to add your dog’s waste to it. Quite a lot of water is needed to keep it clean and after every few days, you have to add some bacteria tablets which let your dog’s poop break down. After a few days, it will slowly decompose and drain through the soil. Simple!    

     4. Compositing The Dogs Poop

    Compost pile for getting rid of dog poopComposting is one way to get rid of dog poop.

    Can we compost the dog poop? And the answer is yes, dog waste is compostable, but before that, it is necessary to take some precautions to make sure you’re composting your dog poop properly.

    When we use dog poop for compost, it acts as a nutrient that will improve the soil in your garden and benefit the trees. And if it is done correctly, it can actually destroy the harmful pathogens that are present in dog waste. Are you ready to compost and want to give it a try? Remember, there are three ways to compost.

    But when it comes to compost dog waste in a safer way, only the hot compost method will work.

    5. Flush The Poop Down The Toilet

    white toiletGet rid of dog poop by flushing

    We all know where our waste goes. In the toilet. For your dog’s poop too, you can directly flush it into or can use a flushable bag that is made for the same purpose.

    You can easily find them online or in pet stores. Remember, your city’s septic tank won’t be able to handle the regular plastic bags, so never use them.

    Once you put dog waste in flushable bags simply flush it. Flushing it in the toilet will not even harm the very next person who uses the toilet and will not cause any serious pollution to the rivers.  

    Get Rid of Dog Poop Last Words

    Luckily, we humans have invented the amazing system, that is the toilet. So we don’t have to deal much with our waste. But our dogs are not so lucky.

    As a dog owner, it is supposed to clean up your dog’s poop like a responsible person. Among the above tips and suggestions, whether you choose to use poop bags, flush poop in the toilet, or compost it, you are performing your role to keep your towns clean and healthy.

    Get Rid of Dog Poop:  Pin for Future Reference

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    Get Rid of Dog Poop Author Bio

    Shawn Halligan is a cynophilist and loves to write about dog care. He has years of experience in the pet waste cleaning industry and is always ready to share his knowledge with other dog owners. 

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