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    Nov 22, 20 Tiny Dogs That Stay Small Forever: World’s Smallest Breeds

    By Janice Jones       |Last Updated 11-22-2021

    Wondering about tiny dogs that stays small throughout their entire life? 

    Ever think about what small really looks like? 

    We search far and wide to locate the world’s smallest of small dog breeds.

    Keep in mind that there are many small breed dogs and we feature almost 90 breeds on Small Dog Place. 

    There are also much variability
    within breeds. There will always be members of these breeds that far exceed
    the breed standard for weight and height. 

    Small Shih Tzu (1 lb.) at 10 weeks old.Some dogs are tinier than the average for the breed.

    Take the lovable Shih Tzu breed for example.  I’ve heard people brag about their 23 pound Shih Tzu, and then there are purebred Shih Tzu dogs that never grow to be more than 4 pounds.  Quite a Difference

    There are also many small dogs that are smaller than what is usually
    seen in the breed.  We call them

    AND, because small is popular,
    many breeders are breeding for smaller and smaller versions of the most popular
    breeds. They call this dwarfing down.  The general public likes to call them teacup puppies.

    Mind you, most of these smaller versions of the breed are healthy, but the practice o trying to make smaller and smaller does come with risks.

    Here is our top list of the tiniest dogs that stay small
    (unless of course, you feed them too much).  

    Go ahead, purchase that pooch purse. 

    You’ll gonna need it for these little
    guys.  Listed in alphabetical order,
    the top 20 are:

    World's Tiniest Dog Breeds

    Top 20 Small and Tiny Dogs That Will Stay Small: 

    1. Bolognese

    Height:  up to 11 inches

    Weight:  4 to 8

    Playful, Affectionate, Good with Children and other dogs, Fairly easy to Train

    Read More about the Bolognese 

    2.Brussels Griffon

    Height: 7 to 8 Inches

    Weight:  8
    to 10 pounds not to exceed 12 pounds

    Playful, Affectionate, Good for First Time Owners, 

    Two types:  Smooth and Rough Coat

    Read More about the Brussels Griffon 

    3. Cavoodle

    CavoodlePhoto by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

    Cavoodle is a hybrid between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy Poodle

    Size: 9 to 15 inches

    Weight: 11 to 22 pounds

    Playful, hypoallergenic, social, is a good lap dog, doesn’t bark much

    Read more about the Cavoodle

    4. Chihuahua

    Height: 6 to 10 Inches (15 – 25 cm)

    Weight:  Less than
    6 pounds 1.8 – 2.7 kg

    Two types:  Smooth short hair, and long hair

    Playful, Affectionate, Good Watch Dog, Good for First Time Dog Owners

    Read More about the Chihuahua 

    5. Chinese Crested Dog

    Ideally 11 to 13 inches

    Up to 12 pounds

    Affectionate, Good around Children, Playful, Good Choice for First Time Dog Owners

    Comes in two varieties:  Powderpuff and hairless

    Read more about the Chinese Crested Dog

    6. Dachshund (Mini)

    Height: Miniature, 5 — 6 inches at the shoulder; Standard, 8 to 9 inches at the shoulder

    Weight: 11 pounds and under (Miniature); 16 to 32 pounds (Standard)  Between 11 and 16 pounds

    Playful, Affectionate, Good with Children, Has Good Watch Dog Traits,

    Three different types of coats:  Smooth or short, Wire, and Long-Hair

    Read more about the lovable Dachshund

    7. English Toy Spaniel

    Height: 9 to 11 inches

    Weight:  8
    to 14 pounds

    Read More about the English Toy Spaniel 

    8. Italian Greyhound

     Height: 12-15 inches, (30-38 centimeters)

         Weight: 6-10 pounds, (3-5 kilograms)

    Friendly, Affectionate, Good with Strangers, Children, and other Dogs

    Read more about the tiny Italian Greyhound

    9. Japanese Chin

    Height:  8 to 11 inches

    Weight: 4 to 9 pounds

    Affectionate, Friendly, Good for First Time Dog Owners

    Read more about the Japanese Chin

    10. Maltese

    Height: 7 to 9 inches

    Weight:  4 to 6 pounds

    Read More about the Maltese

    11. Mi-ki

    Height: Not to exceed 11 inches (28 cm)
    Weight: Averages 5-8 pounds but can be smaller (2.3 – 3.7 kg)

    Read more about this amazing new breed, Mi-Ki

    12. Papillon

    Height:  8 to 11 inches

    Weight: 3 to 9 pounds

    Read More the Papillon  or Phalene

    13. Pekingese

    Height:  6 to 9 Inches (15 – 23 cm)

         Weight:  Up to 12 pounds (5.5 kg)

    Read more about the Tiny Pekingese Dog

    14. Pomeranian

    Height: 7 to 12 inches (18 – 30 cm)

    Weight:  3 to 7
    pounds (1.3 – 3.1 kg)

    Read More about the Pomeranian 

    15. Prague Ratter (Prysky Krysarik)

    Prague Ratter (Prysky Krysarik)Prague Ratter (Prysky Krysarik)

    Height:  7 to 9 inches 

    Weight:  2 to 6 pounds

    Read more about the Prague Ratter

    16. Rat Terrier

      Height: 8 inches (20 cm)

         Weight: 4-6 pounds (1.8 – 2.7kg)

    Read more about The Rat Terrier

    17. Russian Toy Terrier

    Height:  11

    Weight:  up to 6.5 pounds

    Read More about Russian Toy Terriers 

    18. Shih Tzu

    Height:  9-10.5 inches

    Weight: 9-16 pounds

    Playful, good Watch Dog Traits, Requires Much Grooming

    Some believe there is an Imperial Shih Tzu Breed

    Read more about the Shih Tzu Breed

    19. Toy Fox Terrier

    Height:  8.5
    to 11.5 inches

    Weight: 3 to 9 pounds

    Read More Toy Fox Terriers 

    20. Toy Poodle

    Height: 10 inches

    Weight: 6 to 9 pounds

    Read More about the Toy Poodle 

    Poodles are also known to make amazing hybrids because they are hypoallergenic.  Here is a good example:

    21. Yorkshire Terrier

    Height: 9 to 9 inches

    Weight:  up
    to 7 pounds

    Read More about the Yorkshire Terrier

    Who is the Smallest Dog in the World?


    Smallest dog living (former record holder)

    Long-haired, female Chihuahua, Boo Boo, from Raceland, Kentucky, USA, was officially the smallest dog in the world, after being measured 10.16 cm (4 in) tall on 12 May 2007. This small fluffy dog held the record for a few weeks.


    The smallest service dog is Cupcake, a female long-haired chihuahua, who measured 15.87 (6.25 in) tall, on 08 September 2012. She is owned by Angela Bain (USA) of Moorestown, New Jersey, USA (Guiness World Records)

    In  2013

    Guinness World Records found that the smallest dog in the world in 2013 was Miracle Milly, a brown Chihuahua born in December 2011. She was 3.8 inches tall and roughly 1 pound and was owned by Vanesa
    Semler of Dorado, Puerto Rico. 

    In 2015

    Today reported in May, 2015 that Pip the pug of Dudley, West Midlands, in England might be the smallest dog in the world. At 4 months old, she weighs just over a pound and is under 4 inches tall.

    Did You Know…

    Tiny Dogs that Stay Small

    Did you Know… That Pocket sized pets are one of the most
    popular areas in the Guinness World Records Database? 

    Currently, there are two main categories for
    these tiny dogs: 

    Smallest dog living by
    height and smallest dog living by length.

    Have a Tiny Dog Not On This List?

    In every breed their are exceptions to the rules (breed standard).  

    Sometimes they are the runt of the litter and in other cases, there is a deliberate attempt by breeders to dwarf down a breed.  

    For example, I have a 4 pound Shih Tzu, perfectly healthy, happy, and energetic.  Some refer to these tiny Tzus as Chinese Imperials.

    What does the breed standard for Shih Tzu dogs call for?  

    Shih Tzu dogs should be between 9 and 16 pounds.

    Is he an anomaly?  Maybe, but his mom and siblings are all this size, suggesting that he was selectively bred to be small.  

    Required Reading for Tiny Dog Owners

    If you have your heart set on a tiny dog, you aren’t alone.  But, before you search for that pocket pouch, check out this article on hypoglycemia.  

    This is one the most common and serious disorders of tiny puppies.

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