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    Seresto Circle of Love Photo Tips & Tricks

    Posted by Jennifer on December 29th, 2021

    Tips & Tricks

    1. Encourage your pets to look right into the camera to show off their eyes and personality

      •  Try holding a treat or toy next to your camera to get their attention

    2. Pets photograph best in bright, natural light

      •  If taking a photo indoors, try putting your pet by a window or turn on a few extra lights (even during the day!)

    3. Portraits of pets sitting, standing, or lying down are usually the easiest and most successful photos

      •  “Action shots” are often blurry and take a lot of extra time to get “just right”

    4. Share photos just as they come out of your camera or phone

      •  Editing photos, changing sizes, or creating collages limits how they can be used on different social media sites

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