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    Jun 10, Pet Insurance: Good Deal or Rip Off? You Be the Judge

    Guest Post by Susan Combs   Last Updated 06-10-2022

    Depending upon your pet insurance plan, the medical costs of your pet may be partially
    or totally covered.

    The market of pet
    industry is increasing. The first pet insurance was issued in 1890. Since then,
    pets insurance is perceived as a safety net for protecting one’s animal friend
    against any unforeseen event.

    Visits to the veterinarian are costly. More than
    half of the pet owners in the United States have opted for insurance for their
    pets. However, many do not feel the need
    of pet insurance.

    Things You Should Know Before Buying

    Before laying down your hard earned money, consider this:

    Does It Have
    Wellness Coverage?

    Wellness is an important
    care. You can include this in your insurance plan for just $10 a month.

    What does it cost?

    Before you invest in a plan, know how much money it is
    going to pull out of your pocket. Unlimited plans usually cost more than
    limited plans.

    Is it All-inclusive?

    Most providers cleverly exclude injury, exam fee, and illness payouts. Consider a plan
    given by an experienced provider, with maximum benefits. carefully.

    What does Pet Insurance Cover?

    Your pets insurance must cover the following:

    Treatment Costs

    Your insurance should provide coverage of $500 or more.
    Your policy provider may also ask for the treatment to be performed by a
    specialized institute. Some health problems are more costly than others.  

    Theft and Loss/

    Pets insurance covers the purchase price of the pet if
    lost or stolen. For this you require a
    proof of the price or else you may only get the ‘market value’ of the pet.

    Liability Cover

    This cover is only available for dogs. With this you can pay for any damage caused by your
    dog that you are obliged to pay, by law.


    This is the primary reason why people issue insurance.
    Veterinary medicines are expensive and so are the treatments. Insurance policy
    becomes a helping hand and covers all the costs, however, you are required to
    check with your insurer how much and what is covered.

    Why Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

    Pets insurance provides benefit to nearly all pets
    irrespective of the age or breed.

    They can be taken out immediately after you
    purchase your pet or years after your purchase. Moreover, it gives you mental
    peace because with it you do not have to
    worry about getting the best treatment for your pet.

    An average insurance will
    compensate up to 80% of the medical costs.

    You can also insure
    your other pets with the same insurance using the discounts and offers provided
    by the insurer.

    Insurance stops you from pulling out money from your emergency
    funds. Furthermore, you are not required to make an additional pet savings account.

    Why Insurance Could Be A Rip Off?

    Pet insurance can be pricey, particularly if you are
    living in metropolitan cities as the cost of treatment is higher in these
    regions. Owners need to contemplate if mental peace is worth the policy cost.

    Moreover, certain breeds cannot be
    insured. If your vet does not come under the network of providers, you would
    have to pay the costs from your pocket. Additionally, these insurances may not
    repay for the routine care including vaccinations, exams or tests.

    Should You Invest In Pets Insurance?

    Owners with restricted finance may willingly opt for pets
    insurance. However, if you are someone who has good funding, you may be better
    off without a pet insurance. 

    If you are ready to invest in pet insurance, do your homework as all plans are slightly different.  Compare several before making your final decision.

    Susan Combs, Guest Author

    Susan Combs is a Pet Health and Safety expert. Her specialties include keeping up with important
    issues regarding pet health and pet care, working closely with pet parents to
    find answers concerning training, grooming and caring for specific breeds of

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