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    Common Husky Mixes

    You can easily recognize a Siberian Husky — the big, fluffy, white dog with specks of gray creating a saddle on her back, her high-pitched call and her need for attention. Her blue eyes pierce your soul, and her floof just beckons for you to pet her. Huskies are very social and loyal dogs with an even temperament that can make a desirable mixed breed when crossed with other dog breeds.

    Dogster compiled a list of some of the most common Husky mixes:

    Pomsky – Pomeranian-Husky mix
    Think of these more like “fun-sized” Huskies, thanks to the doubled-Nordic influences of the Pomeranian and the Husky. “I just love their personalities,” says Shannon Rafacz, a Pomsky breeder near Ocala, Florida. “They make great pets and great travel buddies.”

    Labsky – Labrador Retriever-Husky mix
    The inclusion of Labrador athleticism with the Husky athleticism makes for a very active dog who loves to be with their person and be engaged in activities.

    Goberian – Golden Retriever-Husky mix
    As with the Labsky, the Goberian is ready for action, with a side of silliness and love, courtesy of the Golden Retriever genes.

    Huskypoo – Poodle-Husky mix
    The addition of the Poodle’s commonly sought attributes may make this Husky mix a little more hypoallergenic than a purebred, but there are no guarantees. The Poodle addition does add more of a spring to the pup’s step and some extra need for love.

    Pyrenees Husky – Great Pyrenees-Husky mix
    On the opposite side of the spectrum, the Pyrenees Husky can be quite large, thanks to the size of the Great Pyrenees. These dogs can display the sensitive personality of the Great Pyrenees along with the need for a job.

    As with any mixed breeds, be sure to do your research and speak with the breeders about the individual personalities of the two parent dog breeds. But most of all, enjoy your pup!

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